Start your English Second Language teaching career right away

Step 1: Start Teaching ESL

Without a 3 year diploma or a degree you will not be able to legally travel overseas to teach English. However, with your High School Certificate and a 100hr TEFL you can start your ESL career teaching online right away from your own home while you study towards a degree. Be sure to do a TEFL or TESOL of at least 100 course hours to be a serious candidate. We advise you ask the online schools if they have a specific TEFL or TESOL training they want you to complete. Speak to an internet service provider to organise a robust and reliable internet connection to do online teaching from home.

Step 2: Start Your Degree

Teaching online from home will start earning you money and give you highly valuable experience. Securing full time teaching contracts for candidates who have online English teaching experience is very easy of us! 

As soon as you can, enrol with UNISA or a local university to start studying towards your bachelors degree. Any degree will be accepted in our programs so you need not limit yourself to a B.Ed if you have other long term plans. 

When you are within 6 months of completed the 2nd academic years of your degree - contact us to apply for an internship teacher post in Korea with the TaLK Program. By starting early you can fly to Korea within weeks of finishing your second year. 

The TaLK Program is really great with a decent income of KRW1,5million, your own  rent free apartment, medical insurance, full flight ticket reimbursements, great vacations and 15hrs teaching a week.

Step 3: Finish Your Degree in Korea

As you teach just 15 contact hours a week on the TaLK Program you have plenty time to finish up your UNISA degree during your contract. 

When you are about 6 months from completing your degree - contact us to apply for a full teacher post in Korea with the EPIK or GOE Program. 

This time your salary will jump to KRW2million a month with a free apartment, medical insurance, full flight ticket reimbursements, great vacations and just 22hrs teaching a week.

It seems like a long road right now, but you won’t regret the results!

Note: If you are sending documents from outside of South Africa then please courier directly to the address in Seoul to expedite delivery. 

We will collate your documents for you even if some documents are delivered to the South African GoldKey office. 

Please avoid using the SA Post Office & Speed Services these are unreliable.


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