Teaching Opportunity in Korea for Diplomas & 2yr Associate Degrees

TaLK (Teach and Learn Korea) Internship Program

Without a bachelors degree you will not be able to legally travel overseas to teach English. However, if you have a completed NQF Level 6 (a 3 year National Higher Diploma) or a 2 year Associate Degree or if you have completed the 1st & 2nd year of a bachelor degree you can apply to teach English in a Korean provincial public school on the TaLK Program.

TaLK posts are a great “soft landing” into teaching ESL as they only require 15 contact teaching hours per week leaving a lot of extra time for further study by correspondence to up-grade your qualifications to a bachelors degree or to complete your bachelor degree while earning a good salary with return ticket reimbursement, medical cover, a rent free apartment & great vacation time.

TaLK recruits every 6 months in Spring (Feb) and in Fall (Aug). Candidates are encouraged to apply early (4 - 5 months beforehand) to secure a contract before the intake is closed once all the vacancies are filled.

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